Sites of the Week: June 3, 2012

“No man ever believes that the Bible means what it says: He is always convinced that it says what he means.”

George Bernard Shaw

Now on to this week’s sites. This week, I’m sending out three ‘Site of the Week’ recommendations.

Burn Note

This site is ideal for any James Bond fans out there. While it may have limited practical use, its coolness factor is unlimited. Burn Note enables you to send sending private self-destructing messages. Messages sent using Burn Note can only be read once, and are deleted automatically minutes after being opened or 72 hours after being created if no one accesses the entry in that time. The service is free and even an account is optional. Message options to increase security include a spotlight mode that requires you to click your mouse and hold it to reveal words in short phrases makes copying and pasting the message contents difficult. There is an optional countdown timer at the top of the page and the message is deleted permanently once that timer expires. There is no way to recover a message once this timer has passed, and the page can only be loaded once. Messages can also be password-protected. If you sig’5n up for an account, Burn Note will send the message link for you. Otherwise, you simply click the [Copy Link] button to copy the note URL and paste into an e-mail.


Recently, we had a service call at our home. The tech gave me his card and I noticed on the back of his business card it said “Business Cards are FREE at!” The card looked pretty nice so I checked it out. You can order 250 free business cards. All you pay is shipping. They also have 250 premium business cards for only $10 with shipping included.

The iCache Geode

Until Near Field Communications (NFC) catches on here in the U.S. as it has in Europe, this may be the solution for those with an iPhone. The iCache Geode mobile wallet is a combination iPhone case and secure digital wallet for your credit cards, loyalty cards and membership cards secured by your fingerprint with its built-in biometric reader. It comes with a card reader which you attach and use to scan and store your cards. Then to use a card, you simply tap the Geode button and select a desired card. The case includes a universal GeoCard whose magnetic strip is temporarily programmed with your selected credit card data and works just like your regular credit cards. The case also features an e-ink screen that can be read by any bar code reader and replaces all of your loyalty and membership cards. The iCache Geode is $199.



Ernie Orr sez “Check em out!”


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