Sites of the Week: August 4, 2012

Instead of a quote, I’m offering the following editorial.

The Week

Chances are good that you’ve never heard of Andrew Kehoe—nor does he merit remembering. On May 18, 1927, he committed once of ht e worst massacres in U.S. history when he blew up a school in Bath Township, Mich. Kehoe killed his wife and firebombed his own farm just as charges he’d laid beneath the school building exploded, killing 37 elementary school children and two teachers. Then, he drove to the school in a car full of shrapnel and detonated that, killing three adults, a schoolboy, and himself. Kehoe’s diabolical act seized the nation’s imagination until, three days later, Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris to complete the first solo trans-Atlantic flight in history. “We measure heroes as we do ships, by their displacement,” former Secretary of State Charles Evan Hughes said. “Col. Lindbergh has displaced everything.”

In an imperfect echo of that coincidence, last week’s massacre in Aurora, Colo., was followed this week by a remarkable outpouring of love and admiration upon the death of American’s first female astronaut, Sally Ride. Clearly, nothing can displace the pain of those who lost their loved ones in that cinema. But history suggests that once the alleged shooter, James Holmes, has been exhausted as an example of human depravity, social isolation, mental illness, or a nation’s mania for weaponry, he will be forgotten, just as Kehoe was. It’s Sally Ride that we’ll remember, a woman who found joy in reaching for the stars and who was committed to inspiring others to do the same. For all our anguish now, there’s hope in the certainty that such achievement always ends up outshining nihilism.

James Graff

Aside from the core message of the editorial, what struck me as interesting is that such a violent, horrific event occurred in 1927 and it was done without semi-automatic weapons.

Now on to this week’s sites.  This week, I’m sending out three ‘Site of the Week’ recommendations. 

Run, Hide, Fight

This Department of Homeland Security-funded video gives tips on how to survive a shooting such as the one recently in Aurora. The video depicts an office shooter.


DoNotTrack Plus

DNT+ is a FREE utility that stops both ad companies and social networks from tracking all of your Web activity.  DNT+ blocks the tracking so you can browse freely and safely. This utility has gotten excellent reviews and is considered the best in its category. It is compatible with Mac or PC for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.


Car Butler

Car Butler is a FREE app for iPhone, iPad and Android offering a suite of features including traffic, commute time, parking (mark spot / alert when meter is about to expire), nearby gas stations and mechanics, weather and even a car accident report feature.


Ernie Orr sez “Check em out!”


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