Sites of the Week: October 27, 2012

“Tell people there’s an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority believe you. Tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to be sure.”

George Carlin

Factoid: Google’s Chrome browser is the most popular in the world, in use by 34% of all users. In the USA, though, Chrome takes second place with just 23% to IE’s 42%.

Now on to this week’s sites.  This week, I’m sending out two ‘Site of the Week’ recommendations that focus on “coming soon” products. As a bonus, I’m throwing out a video which comes to you via my friend Ralph: Every Shot Imaginable.   Personable, I haven’t played golf since college and I’m not really a big magician fan, but I still enjoyed this short video.

Lilliputian Systems

At least until battery technology improves, this may be an option for some of you whose cell phones are always dying. Lilliputian Systems, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology spin-off, has developed a pocket-sized fuel cell USB charger to power mobile devices. Unfortunately, the device is not inexpensive. At least initially, the fuel cell will be between $150 and $200, but this is expected to drop as production volume increases. The fuel cell  uses butane lighter fluid.  Fuel cartridges are expected to cost between $2 and $5 depending on size. A small cartridge is capable of recharging a fully depleted smartphone battery 10 – 14 times. Brookstone will be the first retailer to carry Lilliputian’s portable fuel cell. It is expected to be available in early 2013.If this sounds of interest, you can learn more here.

Amiigo Exercise Sensor

The Amiigo wearable wristband and shoe sensor will be able to determine a person’s actual activity such as running, cycling, lifting weights, and swimming. The waterproof Amiigo uses two sensors, a wristband and shoe clip. (Not sure about a shoe clip for swimming, though.) In addition to tracking movements, the wristband collects physiological data including heart rate, blood oxygen levels and skin temperature data. Data is stored in the sensors until it is downloaded to the Amiigo iOS or Android app via Bluetooth. The app displays current workout data and a comparison to previous workouts. You can share your workouts via Facebook. Amigo will start accepting preorders on Oct. 29, at a special early first-adopter price of $89, through its website. The system will begin shipping in April with a $119 price tag. You can read more here.


Ernie Orr sez “Check em out!”


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