Sites of the Week: April 27, 2014

“ A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.”

– Desmond William James

Factoid: The U.S. economy was in recession 52% of the time from 1874 to 1933, when the U.S. abandoned the gold standard. Since then, the economy has been in recession just 16% of the time.

The Atlantic

(The above could be a non sequitur.)

Now on to this week’s sites. This week, I’m sending out three ‘Site of the Week’ recommendations.


Prices for prescription drugs vary widely between pharmacies because drug prices aren’t regulated. GoodRx is FREE and is the first and only prescription drug price comparison tool created for consumers with prices from pharmacies nationwide. Along with finding you the best price, they offer coupons. In addition to their Web site, GoodRx offers free apps for your smartphone or tablet. You can also sign up for free price alerts.


This site is designed to help you find dog sitter near you at rates less than kennels. Schedule, book and pay online. All reservations include free pet insurance, 24/7 customer support and daily photo updates.

my Social Security

Up until 2011, the SSA mailed annual Social Security Statements to everyone age 25 and over who was not already receiving Social Security benefits. As a cost-cutting measure, these mailed statements eliminated. However, now you can create an account on my Social Security to view your statement online including estimates of your retirement, disability, and survivors benefits; your earnings record and the estimated Social Security and Medicare taxes you’ve paid. If nothing else, you should do so to check for errors or omissions.

Ernie Orr sez “Check em out!”


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