Sites of the Week: June 22, 2014

“We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.”

– The CIA’s first tweet

Factoid: Despite the growth of a U.S. professional league and frequent telecasts of matches in England and other countries, only 28% of Americans are fans of professional soccer, down from 31% in 1994. 49% think that sport is boring.

The Washington Post/ABC

Now on to this week’s sites. This week, I’m sending out three ‘Site of the Week’ recommendations.

9 Disgusting Things You Didn’t Know You’ve Been Eating Your Whole Life

The title of this Huffington Post article says it all. Read it if you want to know the answer.

All Acronyms

All Acronyms is a Web site listing more than 2 million acronyms and abbreviations. It’s a great online tool for when you come across an unfamiliar acronym or abbreviation and need to quickly find its definition.

MAP: Here’s Where You Should Move If You Want The Most Sunshine

This site comes to you via my friend, Ralph. This page depicts sunshine patterns across the United States. I’m sure you’ll be stunned to learn that Cleveland, Seattle, Pittsburgh and Buffalo scored poorly.

Ernie Orr sez “Check em out!”


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