Sites of the Week: January 4, 2015

“The first to apologize is the bravest, the first to forgive is the strongest, and the first to forget is the happiest.”

– Unknown

At this time of year, many columns list words or phrases that should be retired. This is mine:

  • At the end of the day
  • Bottom line
  • Game changer
  • That having been said
  • It’s all good
  • No worries

Factoid: The U.S. borrowed the money for the Afghanistan War, the longest conflict in U.S. history, and has already racked up $125 billion just in owed interest.

Financial Times

Now on to this week’s sites. This week, I’m sending out three ‘Site of the Week’ recommendations.

Ask Bob Rankin: 10 Things Not to Buy in 2015

This Bob Rankin column lists ten goods and services you should avoid buying because they are either available for unnecessary or free or less expensive alternatives are available.

Intuit Mint

It’s a new year. For those in the U.S. and Canada, this site can help you get your finances in order. is a FREE web-based personal financial management service from Intuit designed to allow you to centrally manage your cash flow, budgets and bills through their portal. Create a budget, receive alerts for unusual account charges and your credit score for free. has over 10 million users and can connect with over 16,000 US and Canadian financial institutions and supports more than 17 million individual financial accounts.


Our daughter received this as gift and the results were interesting. You send in your DNA kit with a saliva sample and receive your results in 6-8 weeks. Results include a report of your estimated ethnicity in maps, charts and accompanying explanations. Your results are also integrated with family history resources on You can optionally connect with relatives in a safe and confidential way using their online messaging service that lets users contact each other anonymously. When another member sends you a message, you’ll receive an alert in your Ancestry inbox and an email. Regularly $99, a special price of $79 ends January 6. Unfortunately, AncestryDNA test is not yet available to purchase outside the United States.

Ernie Orr sez “Check em out!”


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